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    Italy:   Milano (Milan), Roma (Rome), Verona, Torino, Venezia (Venice), Genova, Bologna, Firenze (Florence),
                Padova, Brescia, Ferrara, Napoli (Napels), Modena, Parma, Catania, Bergamo, Ravenna, La Spezia

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Our firm specialises in national and international contracts in various sectors of commerce and industry. Providing services and advice to many companies has led to a high level of experience and professionalism, whether in relation to individual contracts or in terms of the national and international rights and duties that govern them.

Thanks to the increasing use of the Internet, international trade in goods and services is growing every day. However there can be problems when obtaining or paying for goods or services from other countries. Our legal office has become highly specialised in this area, allowing injured foreign companies and people to find a trustworthy partner in Italy to defend their interests in a right and efficient manner.

This substantial use of the Internet is also one of the reasons for the increasing violation of copyright, e.g. on patents, trademarks, software, books, music, drawings, photos, inventions, ... These rights have to be defended properly. Our team is ready to handle your case immediately, as well as helping you prevent this kind of damage by obtaining the right patents and other measures.

In real estate trading, rather large financial sums pass from one party to another. Professional consultancy and correctly-worded contracts can save a lot of money. Correct handling and settlement of real estate transactions requires experience.

Often certain family events such like divorce or inheritance are unfortunately giving argues. The lawyer of our law firm will defend you till the last letter of the law so that such events are smoothly put right with the highest satisfaction.

The Bertazzi lawyer firm also specialises in consumer rights, as its importance is increasing from day to day:
- Tourist packages such as trips, holidays, "all inclusive" tours, etc..
- Contracts concluded remotely (via the Internet);
- Contracts concluded outside business premises;
- Rights regarding the quality of services and products from companies and the government;
- Warranties on consumer products purchased;
- Unauthorised clauses in contracts;
- Consumer credit;
- Postponed, changed or cancelled travel arrangements (aeroplane, boat, train, bus);
- Timeshare rights;
- Rights regarding investment services.