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Legal advice on-line

You can ask for a legal advice at the Law firm Bertazzi in the subjects of Civil Law, Commercial Law and Criminal Right, excepted of labour Law and administrative Law.
You can send you question by e-mail to the following address:
In the e-mail that you'll send, before you write the question, you should write the followuing essential data:
1) Data's of the person or the firm who apply (name, address/seat and fiscal code/v.a.t. number);
2) To clearly declare to approve the treatment of the personal data's collected, also by third person, only for the purpose of this task.
The question must contein all the rilevant elements, allthough it will have to be clear and sinthetic. You'll receive the legal advice only by e-mail or fax within a week from the receiving of the question or from the mailing of the above mentioned essential data, if incomplete. The Law firm Bertazzi have its seat in the District of the Court of Appeal of Verona and has a insurance of the Generali Ass. s.p.a. for the professional liability n. 292064602

Send documentation to the following E-mail address,
or send it by post to:
Studio Legale BERTAZZI Vittorio Emanuele II, 153/2
37038 Soave (VR).


Providing legal advice on-line is a natural extension of our professional activity and as a result conforms to article 17 of the Legal Code of Ethics, modified by a decision of the C.N.F. 16/10/1999.