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Lawyer Bertazzi T.

    Italy:   Milano (Milan), Roma (Rome), Verona, Torino, Venezia (Venice), Genova, Bologna, Firenze (Florence),
                Padova, Brescia, Ferrara, Napoli (Napels), Modena, Parma, Catania, Bergamo, Ravenna, La Spezia

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Lawyer Bertazzi and her colleagues are dedicated to their work, fully respecting the duties and rights established in the code of ethics of Italy and the European Community. Our team of lawyers resolves all issues in a reliable and professional manner. The organisation and its internal departments provide real-time solutions to the clients, wherever they are in the world.


Lawyer - Italy
3 unique features

- multilingual lawyer in Italian, English, Dutch and French. In this way the lawyer understands clearly all documents without translations from third people.
- lawyer simultaneously specialised in civil law, commercial law and criminal law: this unique combination gives the advantage that the same lawyer can handle a same lawsuit in different courts so that your interests are defended coherently on each level.
- lawyer with an accountant degree so that the company administration can be understand clearly and precisely.


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